Dating 101 how to balance the power in your relationship seniordatingagency com au

Posted by / 06-Jan-2017 02:19

Many relationship problems stem from couples ignoring their differences.Both parties tend to just assume they know the correct way to live.When we do actually venture away from the office or classroom, technology creates a way for work and the constant demands of media to follow us home, stealing more and more of our time.

For many of us, work, school and sometimes both take up the biggest chunks of our days.In one exception, men who perceived their relationship to be equal in power (but not decision making) reported the highest level of satisfaction.We conclude that the balance of power still often favors men in these romantic couples (especially in decision making), although couples do not always agree on their perceptions, with male partners tending to see more male dominance than females.This is because we will all have our good days and bad days. Linguistically, we treat the phrase ‘perfect balance’ as if it is a noun.Really, a more helpful way of thinking about balance is to imagine ourselves perfecting a constant process of balancing.

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