Deborah cox and rl dating

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Deborah cox and rl dating

One of the very best examples of someone sulking around in an empty mansion is when Sisqo does it in 2000’s “Incomplete.” For just about the entirety of the video, he looks very crushed and very broken, I’ll admit that.But there’s a part in it where, just because he’s bored, he goes outside and bottle-feeds a white tiger.It’s especially effective if your fists are clenched while you’re spinning. Tyrese does this in 2002’s “How You Gonna Act Like That,” which is a Hall of Fame–caliber sad R&B video.The best part in it is when he comes home to find that his girlfriend, who he’d bought a car for and purchased a house with, has moved out.And I just don’t know how that could possibly make things at least a little bit better.) Spin in a circle while singing.It helps if your arms are out and you’re looking at the sky.

It’s like what they do in Look at pictures of the person you used to date.You can either be in there just wearing your clothes and letting the shower spray all on you like Tyrese was in 1998’s “Lately,” or you can be in there in a towel crying to yourself like Toni Braxton was in 1996’s “Un-Break My Heart.” The one thing you cannot be, though, is naked.(A sidebar: If you listen to the lyrics of “Un-Break My Heart,” it sounds a lot like Braxton’s significant other walked out on her.Apropos of nothing, these are the things you can do in a sad R&B video from the mid-’90s to early 2000s to show just how sad you are: Sulk around in an empty mansion.These are not listed in any sort of order, but if they were then this one would be the first-place thing you do in a sad R&B video to show just how sad you are.

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He walks in, sees that everything is gone—like, she literally took all the furniture and also the wall decorations and everything—and then he sings, “Now I’m thinking you and me was a mistake.” That’s incredible.

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