Unform dating

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Unform dating

Stores carry more than 12,000 products, including brand-name, off-brand, and private label products including health and beauty, household goods, clothing, linens, food, and paper supplies.

It’s a shame that good stores like yours going down the tube because of bad management.This person told me the local police use to hang around at closing time, i dont know if they still do, havent ask.This place makes your skin craw Reply To whom it may concern: Hi, I visited the Fred’s in UNION, MISSISSIPPI on 2-6-2018,,,the employees were your typical classic hillbilly junkies,,,,it’s a very small redneck town where everyone knows ,,and gossips about everyone, ,,,anyway as I approached the counter, , no one greeted me or acknowledged me for mins,, I said I’m here to pick up my flu presciption,,, she (one with dark rings around eyes) asked me my name , I reply Arnold Butts,, , she replied give us a few mins mr.They are going to have to start wearing unform dressing, but this doesnt change what goes on in the store.This bunch is to comfortable and dont care, they think they are secure in their jobs.

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And this information was giving to me from an employee working there.

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