Dating herpes cold sores contagious

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Dating herpes cold sores contagious

HPV was not even a known or at least publicly mentioned STD .

So now it's MY fault that my former fiancée has to be concerned about getting cervical cancer for the rest of her life.

There's absolutely NO reason why your partner and you cannot have a fulfilling sexual relationship!

Final question, is it possible to contract HSV-2 from someone through mouth to mouth kissing?PS: I have also had single genital warts before (HPV I presume) on my penis, scrotum and gums.All were frozen or burned off and I have not had any in 8 years.Assuming you don't have HSV2, here are some answers to your questions. As to oral sex, you can in fact get oral HSV2, but it is quite uncommon and usually only means a primary OB, and then no more. If she takes suppressive therapy and you use condoms, there's a 99% chance per year that you WON'T get it!Here are odds based on female to male transmission of genital herpes.

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And if you use suppressive and a condom the chances are 1 man out of a 100 will get herpes in one year or 1%.