Teknolust Casual flirtation porn

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Needing periodic injections of the Y chromosome to survive, the androids venture into the real world to seduce men. A bio-geneticist named Rosetta Stone (Tilda Swinton) finds a way to download her DNA onto a computer and replicate it, thereby creating three androids (also played by Swinton).Of course, this may sound preposterous to you and I, but to Rosetta and the girls, this is all quite normal.At least until the chromosomal cuties learn that a dozen of Ruby's recent lovers have been mysteriously cursed with not only erectile dysfunction, but matching brow bearing bar codes that end up branding them with the virtual equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease.Leeson is represented by Bridget Donahue in New York, which will present a solo exhibition of her work from January 27–March 26, 2017. Stuart Firestein is the Chair of Biological Sciences at Columbia University.He runs a laboratory to study the vertebrate olfactory system and neurons that modulate the sense of smell. Bred to run an erotically charged Internet site called Ruby's E-Dream Portal, Ruby, Marine, and Olive (all played by the talented and versatile Tilda Swinton) live and work in Rosetta's microwave oven.The chatty cyber trio love to cuddle, but unlike their human counterparts, don't see physical intimacy as anything more than a way to refuel.

As the androids grow close to other people, they begin to question what it means to be human.YBCA Exhibitions 2016–2017 are made possible, in part, by: Mike Wilkins and Sheila Duignan, Meridee Moore and Kevin King, and the Creative Ventures Council.YBCA Programs 2016-2017 are made possible, in part, by: The James Irvine Foundation.Electronically programmed to seduce men with the help of a few cinematic pick up lines systematically linked from The Last Time I Saw Paris, Ruby---the group's red-hot sex kitten---leaves the nest only when it's time to circle for prey.Locating naïve, unassuming men and absconding with their semen from recycled condoms, so she and her equally obtuse sisters can inject themselves with a hearty dose of X chromosomes.


Starring Tilda Swinton, Jeremy Davies, Karen Black and Josh Kornbluth. In "Teknolust," her second collaboration with San Francisco filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson (the first was "Conceiving Ada"), Swinton plays four characters in a contemporary sci-fi fantasy.