Myanmar livecam

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Myanmar livecam

Dash-cam companies have noted the new demand for their products.

“It’s become a no-brainer,” said Paulina Soria, a spokeswoman for dash-cam maker Papago.

The company plans to expand to the US later this year.

Drivers who record sound with their videos risk violating eavesdropping laws, which vary by state.

On the help section of its website, Uber says drivers may “install and use video cameras to record riders for purposes of safety.” The company encourages drivers to check local regulations on using and disclosing their recording equipment.

Uber said it doesn’t know how many drivers use dash cams in their vehicles.

Nextbase, a European manufacturer of dash-cams, said it has seen a “very large increase in sales” over the last two years, especially for a dash-cam model it developed specifically for professional drivers.

“It’s rare in Europe now if you see a taxi or livery vehicle without one,” said Nextbase director Richard Browning.

It’s the sharing economy’s version of water cooler talk, with drivers trading stories about their most nightmarish trips.See elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas and other species in the wild from your computer at home.Late last year, Benjamin Golden, a former executive at Taco Bell, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for attacking an Uber driver.Other drivers post compilations of their encounters on You Tube.One of those videos, “I Drive For Uber- Here Are Some of My Crazy Adventures,” has nearly 1 million views.

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The incident took place at California’s Newport Beach in October 2015 and was captured in its entirety on driver Edward Caban’s dashboard camera.

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