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Michael sarysz dating

While Kate attempts to comfort Sarah, Gibbs unsurprisingly gets straight to the point by interrupting and demanding that NCIS be given permission to place a trace on the phone just in case another call similar to what Sarah received comes to her land-line.Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Sarah goes to answer it while Gibbs and Kate have a silent talk with one another.Sarah opens the door and a woman with two young children, a boy and girl step into the house.

Gibbs and Kate have arrived at the Kidwell household and are interviewing Jim Kidwell's widow, Sarah.

As everyone begins heading back to resume target practice once again, Tony and Kate make a pact that will see them breaking into Gibbs's house and then setting his boat on fire. Seconds later, the siren erupts and everyone begins shooting again.

Gibbs's phone rings and he tells Tony and Kate that they've caught a case involving a Marine wife who buried her husband yesterday and that in a sick, twisted joke, someone called her, claiming to be her supposedly dead husband but that can wait as Gibbs wants to see how Tony and Kate will fire with their respective possessions on the line. An hour or so later, Tony is back at NCIS HQ, in mourning for his cap which now has two 9mm holes in it.

Abby tries to help but the result's still the same.

She tells Tony that his security clearance isn't high enough and when she wonders how the Marine died, Tony tells her that's what Gibbs wants him to find out.

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Abby is on the verge of losing her cool when Gibbs comes in, carrying Abby's Caf-Pow and breaks up the argument much to Abby's relief. Surprisingly, Kate puts herself forward as the person to do it and tells Gibbs that Tony has a much better grip on the program than she does.

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