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She gets quite upset when she has to deliver death but usually hides it well.She doesn't realise she's hot and hasn't really mastered the art of a feminine allure, thanks in a large part to her job.

So Cupid was number three in the room, suddenly he’s number two and after so long at the bottom of the pecking order his ego has shot up and he’s getting cocky, perhaps even shooting for number one; Death.She’s also secretly sympathetic to Devil’s pain, but can’t betray it for fear of showing weakness.She’s number one in the room and has to keep order.He’s gullible and naive and more than a bit uptight.He fancies Death but would never normally do anything about it.

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  1. I know what we are like in my heart, Chun is so perfect, I am not a very perfect woman, so.." Joey then said "That is okay, if ah Sa is happy than that is okay." Charlene at this point hip push Joey.