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NNVisitor , Meredith I've never worn soft contact lenses.With gas permeable lenses at first one would feel them on their eyes.

Likelenses , Weirdeyes Since you seem to bounce around from about every eyesight symptom that exists, I would suggest that you see your mental health professional, rather than seeking a lasik doctor. , Weirdeyes Be carefull and dont trust to surgeon too much. It could be the worst decision in your life and there's no way back.They never feel comfortable and ended wearing soft lenses without astigmatism correction for years.When astigmatism was sightly high and compensating it with more myopia correction was not enough, turned back to toric lenses in disposable kind.After many years my glasses prescription went down to -9.50 for both eyes and the astigmatism was about the same.Over the years I built up wearing time so sometimes I wore the lenses as much as 16 hours a day only wearing my glasses early morning and late evening.

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Gas permeable lenses such as the Boston Lens do correct sphere and astigmatism.