Steven seagal dating

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Steven seagal dating

Or possibly three countries, in Seagal's case since he was also granted Serbian citizenship in January after offering to establish a martial-arts school in that country's capital of Belgrade.

But on the upside, he might also be eligible to collect a pension in Russia: a cool 5,000 rubles (), notes AP Moscow correspondent Nataliya Vasilyeva. Seagal is entitled to a pension of 5,000 rubles () when he reaches retirement age next year. Igs Ty QO0r— Nataliya Vasilyeva (@Nat Vasilyeva AP) November 3, 2016 Ashley Judd arrives at a news conference on Nov.

7, 2016, in Nashville to voice her support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and local election protection efforts that will be in place on Election Day.

The Kremlin announced Thursday that it was awarding Russian citizenship to action-movie star Steven Seagal.

The star, who identifies as Republican and has called for the impeachment of President Obama, has vocally praised Putin, calling him "one of the greatest world leaders" and defending Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea.As a longtime entertainment icon for gays, and as the mother of transgender activist Chaz Bono, Cher is seen as a natural surrogate for Clinton, according to 'Politico.' Leonardo Di Caprio was to host a ,440-per-head fundraiser for Clinton and the DNC in Los Angeles on Aug.23, but had to bow out for a scheduling change, according to 'Politico.' Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel stepped up to take his place. Clint Eastwood, here on June 4, 2016 in Culver City, Calif., may be Trump's most A-list supporter.Cher, here performing in Sunrise, Fla., returns to that key state Aug.19 to headline a LGBT fundraiser for Clinton in Miami Beach, then heads to gay-friendly Provincetown on Cape Cod for another LBGT fundraiser, which will also feature Clinton.

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Marlee Matlin, the only deaf actor to win an Oscar AND a former contestant on Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice' reality show, has been for Clinton from the start.