Leslie feist kevin drew dating

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Even at their smallest and saddest, her songs simply sound too big to be denied.

Like Feist, Kevin Drew was also a little out of his standard element last night.

Many of Feist's best compositions are already sparse and skeletal, so songs like "Gatekeeper" and "Cicadas and Gulls" sounded pretty much as you'd expect.It was so educating being with him," Drew beams, "and these are guys who pick you up and give you pep talks that people spend thousands of dollars hoping that they can hear. There was no 'last record' -- it was just a record.To be around that energy, I said to Gord 'We gotta do something.' And for so long, he wanted to get into the studio with myself and with Dave because he would come and visit us when were mixing my solo record 'cos we went up to the Hip studios to do it. I saw them when I was 13 and got a high five from the bass player Gord Sinclair as he approached stage one time. Of course, when you got that crazy dynamic of over 30 years it was a wild ride at times, but musically I had so much admiration for all of them that Dave and I really put that into the record, into something that was really them, this band."I'm used to having 19 people on stage with me," he said, adding that it was his first time ever performing a proper set by his lonesome.His nine-song performance, which leaned heavily on songs from new album Darlings, saw Drew switch between a grand piano and acoustic guitar, the latter with effects to make it sound like a wash of synths were playing along with him.

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