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He took a map of the United States and created an algorithm that replaced every city’s official name with the word that was used more often in profiles there than it was anywhere else.

Take a look at what the dating profiles in Dubois' project, called Dubois says he chose to highlight the word used more in a certain area than anywhere else because otherwise the map would look too homogeneous.

“I [was] beginning to feel like he was gone because of the behavior. He [has] never not come home or contact one of us ever. Mc Millan had been in some trouble in the past and even served some jail time. It does help to know that he's not laying out there anymore.

But he recently landed an apprenticeship with an electrician service and was excited at the new beginning. I don't have to drive around thinking about that.”Cook said the family is now planning his funeral service, but they want to know who is responsible for Mc Millan’s death.

Daters in San Antonio used the word ‘correct’ most often, and Austin profiles mentioned ‘clubs.’ Dubois says he was particularly interested in looking at the language used in dating profiles because so many considerations go into crafting those statements.

“You have to describe yourself in a way where you sound interesting but not crazy,” he says, “It’s a balancing act." The Bay Area’s map boasts more words related to sexual orientation than anywhere else in the country, including ‘bisexual,’ ‘homosexual,’ ‘lesbian,’ and ‘queer.’ Tech words, including ‘robot’ and ‘digitized’ can also be found in Silicon Valley (south of the area shown above).

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“I was looking for a body of data that could get at ordinary Americans describing themselves,” he says.

To see Dubois' full interactive maps of dating words in cities and states, find "A More Perfect Union" on his website.

WASHINGTON - A 22-year-old man went missing after heading out to meet a woman he found on an online dating site. Mc Millan had been missing since April 23 after he was last seen in the 2900 block of M Street, SE. I knew something was not right."Mc Millan was located without clothing on the eastbound side of Suitland Parkway near the ramp to Joint Base Andrews.“The description of what they found is going over and over in my mind – wrapped up in the blanket nude, bones," Cook said.

‘Conservative’ was the word found in more profiles in Jackson, Mississippi than the rest of the country.

Other stereotypically Southern terms can be found nearby, including ‘cornbread’ and ‘Baptist.’ Dubois acknowledges, of course, that the words are not necessarily representative of a place as a whole — if there aren't many profiles to use in a given location, then one person who repeats a certain word over and over in their profile could skew the whole area towards that descriptor.

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In total, he wound up with 19 million dating profiles.

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