Dangers of dating in the 21st century

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But man settled for marriage because that was the only way to have private property.

Animals don't have private property – they are all communists, and far better communists than have appeared in human history.

And their misunderstanding about love creates jealousy.

And they knew many men in the tribe; someone amongst those men must have been their father, hence they were all uncles. Hundreds of species which once used to dance and sing on this earth..has eaten them up.

As private property came into existence with cultivation.... Something had to be done because hunting was not reliable.

They don't have any dictatorship of the proletariat and they have not lost their freedom, but they don't have any private property.

Man also lived for thousands of years without marriage, but those were the days when there was no private property. And those people thousands of years ago had no cold-storage system, no technology – whatever food they got they had to finish as quickly as possible.

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Today you may get food, tomorrow you may have to be hungry. The search for animals did not allow man to develop any of his other talents, his genius. You must be reminded of the fact that cultivation is the discovery of women, not of men.

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