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Then again, the earth was not yet quite ready for the full development of mechanical devices for the harvesting and threshing of her product. The wisdom and wise business policy of the new management is evidenced by the fact that in the nine years prior to 1906 (when the article was written) the output of the Case factory had exceeded the combined output of more than half a century prior to that time." With the development of the business many other machines have been invented and manufactured by the company, including the Case steam, kerosene and gasoline engines, while the improvements made upon the Case threshing machine have resulted in threshing the grain at the rate of from four to six thousand bushels per day. At the recent power plowing contest in connection with the exposition at Winnipeg, the Case steam and gas tractors accomplished the remarkable record of winning nine out of a possible ten gold medals against all competitors, the steam tractor scoring the highest number of points in all classes.

The history of the development of the modern threshing machine may therefore be said to date from 1840. In the spring of 1842 he bought six small threshing machines, on credit, and started for the territory of Wisconsin. These men formed an ideal combination for the growth and development of the business." From that time forward the trade steadily expanded. The fact that the salesmen are employed only on a salary basis tends to greater care on their part in their reports on proposed credits.

Such a machine not only saves all the grain but also weighs, measures and delivers it into wagons. Sawyer, secretary; Stephen Bull II, assistant secretary; C. Its limited line of automobiles has been directly profitable to the company and is a valuable addition to its general lines, enabling the company to utilize its sales organization to best advantage.

In other cases an analysis is the only thing necessary, and no physical test is required to determine the quality.

For instance, in testing leather belting no chemistry is needed, unless it is desired to know the tannage or the kind of filler used. According to the specifications, single belting must show a tensile strength of not less than seven hundred pounds per inch of width.

The time required for the sowing, reaping and threshing of a bushel of wheat has declined from thirty-two to two minutes. The steady increase of the company's business is due in part to the extraordinary precautions which have always been taken to keep its product up to the highest standard of quality.

"That which required hours to accomplish, at the expense of the toil and sweat of many men, is now executed in a few minutes, by few men, with ease and comfort, all because the forces of nature have been scientifically utilized. The company manufactures all its products in its own plants.

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The bookkeeping system employed in this department is very systematic, and records dating back for years are a valuable feature.

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