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Bill leckie dating profile

First One Terran got his first taste of trial work as a lawyer while at this firm.During the summer of 1965, the infamous Watts Riots occurred, in which there was an uproar of frustration and hostility by residents of South Central Los Angeles.

Terran graduated with honors, Phi Beta Kappa, from UCLA in 1961, majoring in political science, minoring in literature.1966-1969 Mistakes Terran was an associate of Green, Simke and Lasher, Beverly Hills, handling diverse business and some personal injury litigation.During his years of apprenticeship there, Terran learned a guiding life principle from partner Mark Green: The quality of a person's character is not to be measured by how few mistakes he makes, but how well he recovers from the many mistakes he will inevitably make.Amongst Terran's mentors was partner Irving Shimer, one of the most intelligent and insightful attorneys that Terran has ever met.Irv later became a wise and distinguished judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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After Terran's sojourn in criminal defense law from 1969-1971, from 1971-1974, he became an of counsel associate with the his prior colleagues, which by then had amalgamated the Green, Simke & Lasher, Irmas & Rutter, and Richard Hecht law firms into one law firm with a firm name consisting of all six names . Irmas & Rutter were attorneys for Terran's parents while he was attending UCLA in the late 1950s.