Tips before online dating

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Tips before online dating

Once you are open about your wants and needs of the date then the rest is left to for the universe to decide.It could lead to exciting, sexual tension but it has to be on your terms as well.Figure out what all the flirting, texting, talking really means and truthfully try to get on the same page before the date even happens.Impulsively deciding on your physical attraction is on you but if there isn’t a mutual understanding on what will be happening by the end of the date then you’re in for a wild ride.I’m being completely ridiculous and oversuspicious, that would never happen right?! It happens more than you can imagine and with a simple Face Time you can steer clear from these unfortunate experiences.Okay, so now you have added them on social media and/ or Face-timed so what else could possibly go wrong now?!

Just because you sent a plethora of naughty texts doesn’t mean you have to deliver the first date or feel pressured into doing such.

Absolutely no excuses for not having social media unless they’re living under a rock and in that case do you even want to date a caveman?!

Alright alright, maybe I’m being too harsh if they really just hate the idea social media…but if they have a phone then here is my second tip.

What if they’re really good at taking selfies and they look completely different in person?! What if they expect me to put out because you know.. Since first dates are always nerve racking whether its a mutual friend, classmate or a spontaneous swipe match, everyone goes through a million ‘what ifs’ to prepare for the worst possible scenario, which is completely psychotic but it’s human nature.

Well ”“what if”” I told you I could help prevent your mini mental breakdowns and give you three tips that will promise a less awkward first encounter?!

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