What does validating a debt mean

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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, passed by Congress to protect consumers like you, a debt collection is a person or company that regularly collects debts owed to others, typically when those debts are past due.

If you think you don’t owe the creditor money, you must send the collector a letter stating that you believe you do not owe the money to the creditor.

Some of those practices and activities which are illegal are described below, but before we get to those, let’s go over the definitions we’ll be using.

If you ever fall behind in paying your creditor you may be contacted by a collector.

For example, the creditor may decide to sue you to recover the debt, in which case they’re allowed to contact you again to give you this update., tell the collector the name of your attorney.

If you prefer your attorney handle the situation, you can tell the collector not to contact you again and only speak with your attorney.

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Whether an invoice is valid depends on several factors, so it is essential that they each end up in the correct location.

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