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This phenomenon can be applied to still images, but can also refer to a convincing theatrical performance.“The mechanism follows its own rule and thus wields an imperious mastery over the human mind.” On the flipside, this website has some pretty straightforward tips for achieving realism in Photoshop.Video of the incident taken by zoo visitor Kim O’Connor was published by local news station WLWT on Saturday.A longer video uploaded to You Tube also shows the gorilla dragging the boy by one of his limbs. She noted that the boy’s mother was also watching several other young children.I’ll wrap this up with the assignment that inspired this post.At Humber, there is a second year project that requires each student to buy a toy car, shoot it in the studio, and place it in an environment. Here’s the 2 images I combined: I took a risk and didn’t book a model for a shoot in the studio at school.Login Instructions Key in your Humber username (example N12345678) and password, the same credentials used to access other technical services at Humber, and click the LOGIN button. Please key your password carefully as it likely contains numbers, letters (lowercase AND uppercase), and symbols. Please use the following link if you do not know your username: hloc.Forgot your password?

I may have gone a bit overboard, but I’ve always had trouble with moderation…

“In a captive environment, you never know how an animal’s going to react to something like this.

This summer I had the great joy to help out as a photobooth photographer for Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto. They had a wonderful pirate picnic at Centre Island. As I’ve been learning more about manipulating images in Photoshop, I am so fascinated by magical potential of pixels.

I also recorded her speaking a bit about her experience as a dancer, her relationship with movement and audience.

Lu took this material and wove it into the fabric of the piece in a beautiful way.

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I pre-lit with a fairly safe lighting set-up and then once I was ready, I strolled the halls for 5 or 10 minutes, face-hunting.