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Su’a is the first unrelated bystander killed by the FOB-FK conflict, but other people who weren’t directly involved have paid with their lives.Several people who weren’t gang members — but made the ill-advised choice of hanging out with them — have also been killed.“They’ve matured, they’ve learned, they’re more criminally experienced and they’ve developed relationships in other cities and provinces,” says Acting Staff Sgt. “But what concerns us the most is the level of violence and the complete lack of regard for others’ lives.”It’s a pattern common to many immigrant communities, and not just the Asian-Canadian teens who made up most of the Runaway Gang: parents favour more traditional values, which their Canadianized offspring find too strict.“I don’t think the reason they splintered is as fundamental as what’s happening — and that people are dying,” Sgt.Gavin Walker said during a hearing in December for Jackie Tran, who is facing deportation to his native Vietnam, in part due to his alleged membership in FK.Syon Clinic serves the local communities of North and West London.The clinic is easily accessible from the M4, with both Syon Lane rail station and Osterley tube stations located nearby.

We are proud of our patient care and work hard to make each patient's time with us as pleasant as possible.Calgary police have also publicly identified an FK member as an associate of the United Nations gang, a notorious group from B. “I am trying to move on with my life and avoid the media attention . The Syon Clinic is a specialised private outpatient clinic situated in the former “Golden Mile” on the Great West Road in Syon, Hounslow and opened its doors to the first patients in summer 2010.For the first time since its beginning in 2002, Su’a’s death galvanized public opinion about the gang war.Up until his death, the prevailing public opinion had been, “As long as they’re killing each other, who cares?

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