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My book also addresses the lack of integrity on various doctrine, ethical, and historical matters from LDS leaders and scholars.These are noted in a list of 65 points in the book's conclusion.It is perhaps their biggest and most comprehensive book and one that many of us personally own and is one of the cornerstones needed to understand the troubling issues of Mormonism: Link is here. Please see Jim's site for more details on his book collection.Review found on Amazon by Michael Oborn: The title of this book, The MORMON Delusion, Volume 1, and the four companion volumes, The MORMON Delusion, Volume's 2, 3, 4, and 5 are aptly named.Never was I more impressed with the fact that our culture is the reality though which we view the world.To break free of that mind set, as Whitefield has done is truly remarkable. During the past years of research on Mormonism I repeatedly consulted Mormon Think and its great resources on Mormonism.

Author's website: mormoncounterfeiting MT Comment: I personally attended the Oct 2017 Ex-Mormon Conference in which the author, Kathleen Kimball Melonakos gave a presentation on early Mormon counterfeiting.

What Joseph Smith could get away with he recklessly pursued.

His genius was most evident in how he justified his actions and behavior.

It is the only book of its kind that uncovers the problems counterfeiters caused in early America and what really happened before, during and after the Book of Mormon appeared on the scene.

Both fact-based and fast moving, supported by more than 1400 footnotes and over 100 photos and illustrations.

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Not only are membership numbers inflated, generally, but the crisis is deeper than the paragraph implies.

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