Consolidating servers vmware

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Consolidating servers vmware

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aldanch: 1) Budget is kind of limited and these imaging products range from 300$ (Paragon, Platespin) to 600$ (Acronis), except dd which is free.

When you create your VMs, provision the hard drives according to the size you need.

v Center Converter can help you with the resizing of the VM hard drives.

Should we make all drives as a Raid10 before installing Esxi ? There are some limitations in regards to LVMs and that boot CD won't do the trick. Would it be easier to build a RHEL server VM and migrate the data across?

Of course this would require a running VM (hardware doesn't matter - decent workstation with enough drive space or a server of similar build.

Then use v Center Converter to convert the VM to a new VM, so that Converter can inject the appropriate drivers.

All VM environments have limitations on installing additional or unsupported hardware.

2) Should different datastores be created for different purposes (VM files, CD ISO files, etc). When we planned this server for a single usage, we had selected Raid1 (2 x 146Gb) for OS redundancy in case of failure of a hardrive, and Raid10 for redundancy on the data partition (6 x 300Gb).

This configuration is more or less useless now if running ESXi, am I right ?

Because True Port is a virtual COM port driver it is not restricted by VMWare’s hardware or software COM port limitations.

This enables each VM to communicate with at least 4096 serial devices attached to Perle Device Servers, True Port also allows VMs to share access to these serial devices.

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But your suggestion brings me to this: I have a Bart PE CD with Ghost 8 and the drivers for the Dell Perc6/i ctrl.