Are more white girls dating black guys

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Are more white girls dating black guys

I’m black or brown, depending on who you ask, and I mainly date white guys.I have no idea why and it’s definitely not a conscious choice.Long story short, black people are fetishized in society. But let's not forget that the Kardashians have made a living off of appropriating black culture. Maybe because I felt like they were using black men to get some cute, Instagram worthy babies?Our bodies are sexualized, our culture is appropriated... Do y'all really think ten years ago white women went after black men the way that they do now? But this newfound "love" for black men has increased exponentially and I attribute that to pop culture. I'm saying that they shouldn't be loved for the wrong reasons. genital size, body figure, athleticism, and "bad boy" attitude. Am I saying that the Kardashians don't love their boyfriends and only like them because of those reasons? Just the other day I heard some girls talking about how mixed babies are SO cute and how they want mixed babies SO badly. Or maybe because if you were to ask them ten years ago if they would date black guys, they would outright be like, "NO." Maybe it's because slave masters literally used to rape black slaves for whatever twisted reason-- maybe it was a kink?That's the epitome of many black men in America and it's a product of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.Basically, over time, anything black has been deemed "disgusting" and anything white was deemed as "good." Black women in America were always pushed to the corner of the room because they were seen as something disgusting.Often a guy will say something along the lines of, ‘There was no racism where I grew up, we all just got along!

There was no racial tension, but then again, no sense of black community. All the boys I crushed on were white; my first “boyfriend” (aged 10) was white and my first boyfriend (aged 14) was white.One of the things my boyfriend and I talk about a lot is the effect society has on black people.This means, how society treats us, different events that have happened in pop culture and the media that negatively affect us, political views, etc. And it shows that we as a society, are trying to step away from the racial segregations that plagued us no less than 50 years ago. I don't know if any you reading know this, but when the Black Lives Matter movements were going on, people were saying that it was inhumane and wrong because it was "putting white people down."... Black Lives Matter was literally a movement to bring awareness to the fact that everyone else's lives mattered, except for ours.And I know that many interracial couples out there are together because they love each other, not so they can prove something to society. My boyfriend said, "Regardless of his political views, he's still a black individual in America.I don't think ANYONE who dates outside of their race is trying to prove to society that they're not racist. The racist Fox news reporter that got fired from her position a while back? I literally just learned about that at this very moment I'm writing because my boyfriend told me. And a racist white girl is dating him."Almost all of the Kardashians have had black boyfriends. Oh, they're all dating black guys at the same time, how cute!

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However, I do think that you can be racist and still be in an interracial relationship. you can still be a heterosexual guy and be sexist, like how is that different? But to a lot of woke black people, it's a little strange...

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