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Romy madley croft and oliver sim dating

Finally, in the last song, she crooned, “Did I hold you too tight? ” The room went completely dark, and when the lights came up, the audience, as if startled out of a daze, broke into loud applause.

After one performance, Kanye West told the band that it had reminded him of Steve Jobs, who “took something as big as the computer and put it in a cell phone.”The members of the xx were barely out of their teens when, in 2009, they released their first album, “xx,” a collection of muted love laments written mostly in their childhood bedrooms.

Although much of The xx’s personal lives remain shrouded in mystery, Croft has been out publicly ever since conducting a joint interview with a then-girlfriend in 2010.

“It’s not something I really talk about,” Croft told the website After Ellen in 2012. But if I was singing about a guy, I would probably be singing a similar kind of love song, really.

After assembling in a windowless storage area deep within the Armory, a former military headquarters on the Upper East Side, ticket-holders were led through tunnels to a small, square room, built around a shallow pit where three unsmiling figures stood in near darkness: the guitarist and singer Romy Madley Croft, with dyed black hair in a geometric cut that fell over one eye; the bassist and singer Oliver Sim, a tall man with a blond Tintin forelock; and the boyish-looking d.j./drummer Jamie xx (né Smith), who stood behind a phalanx of samplers, keyboards, and percussion instruments.

For fifty minutes, the xx played a restrained, audaciously spare version of indie rock with a pronounced dance-music edge.

booth, until Smith’s beats launched them into a dance routine as sharply etched as a tango.

Colored lights pulsed against the walls and the low ceiling as Madley Croft, in a black blazer, leggings, and boots, strode across the stage.

successfully,” he demurs, speaking in considered fragments. “But the problem was that I was, I suppose, distancing myself, so I thought, …

The new album was another collection of plaintive ballads, but the band, praised for its spare style, reduced its arrangements almost to nothing; some verses were just a single voice over the distant whistle of one of Smith’s samplers. charts, but failed to generate the critical acclaim of the first album.

Released in September, 2012, the album débuted at No. Some complained that it showed little musical advance over “xx” and suffered from an airless mood and fussy production—flaws that the band reluctantly acknowledges.

Don't worry, we're not going to say we told you so...

Wedding bells are ringing for one of The xx’s co-lead singers.

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