Messaging on dating site examples

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Messaging on dating site examples

she's in school, into yoga, seems fun and a little bit adventurous ... what's something really smooth I could message her? something about your profile really caught my eye ...;-)But, if you're looking at someone who's older or just more intelligent and refined, you can do something a bit different. and seemed strangely familiar in that sixth-sense, gut-sense kinda way.

between that and your photos, it made me wonder: have we met before? Mentioning you found something intriguing about their profile gives them a reason why you're messaging. Top times for responses are Sunday between 10am and 2pm and Monday through Thursday during the day. Messaging at 2am, on on Thu, Fri, and Sat evenings, is to be avoided at all costs.10. None of the examples I've given above will probably work, word for word, off the shelf for you.A good image should make them want to click on the message because they're curious.For example:(The nuances of good profile photos are beyond this message ...Computers are getting smarter, so captchas have to outpace them, and unfortunately, they're outpacing just about everyone now. I've been meaning to teach myself web design but whenever I try, I just end up making my blogs look atrocious and making my actual web designer friends cringe.Here's to giving you that extra nudge: If you're feeling adventurous, would you be up for trying a new Thai place this week for dinner?

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Here's an example of what NOT to do:(There's no intrigue here, no mystery. he's asking you to put effort in immediately, without knowing anything about him other than what he looks like in a miniature avatar image ...

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