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Gay dating scams in nigeria

This is a common tactic of professional scammers: using a second or third fake profile gives validity and reassures some victims that they are not caught up in a conspiracy.

He offered to travel to California to see Mary just before he made his way to Africa – it was a bizarre plan given the distances involved and the fact that he would be on the West Coast only for a few hours, but he said he was still keen to see her.And I remember thinking, y’know, You’re supposed to be a big businessman, you’re at the Hilton hotel, and I’m sure you’re not the only businessman there, so why doesn’t your card work?“And then he was telling me all these sob stories; it was another one every single day.After two failed marriages – she says her second husband was abusive – she now lives alone with a loaded gun beside her bed and practises martial arts in her spare time.She is a tough, uncompromising character with a wicked sense of humour.

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He said some others in the area are still doing these scams.”The conversations were cathartic for Mary, but she still couldn’t find closure.

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