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Lonly womens for dating

The love they share is their love and they will be a better person in life if they can live it.

Your reward is that you will never loose them and they will love you unconditionally as you love them unconditionally.

I will say that I am at peace with myself and truely happy, I have finally escaped my DARK WORLD.

Most everyone has excepted that I am gay even my mother, when I told her she said she never knew but was happy that I am happy and responded to me by asking me if she now had her little Billy back in her life for good.

I am truely blessed to have two teenage daughters who excepted me from the day I sat them down and told them and for all my family and friends that have to.Sometimes when you just find out that a loved one is gay, you aren’t ready to speak to someone straight away.So I thought I would ask people for their stories so as you can read them with out confrontation.After 19 years of being married to my wife we are divorced, and I have come out of the closet and told everyone in my life that I am gay.It took me a full year of reading and seeing professionals to come to this point and try to do it without hurting anyone.

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Life is to short to miss out on happiness and the feelings of love and we all deserve to experience it in whatever way we were supposed to do so.

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