Ryan gosling is dating now

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They rehearsed every day for three months prior to the beginning of shooting, and it shows.

As Williams awkwardly tap dances, Gosling connects to her in the language of song, tapping into the same intimacy that animates Chazelle’s spectacle-size showstoppers.

Exhibit D: Gosling on the ukulele in Blue Valentine Watching Gosling whisked through a candy-colored Los Angeles in search of fame and love, some viewers may recall a scene on a much smaller scale from the 2010 romantic drama Blue Valentine.

Another moment in which Gosling woos via melody, this time he strums a threadbare rhythm on a ukulele while warbling the Mills Brothers’ “You Always Hurt the One You Love” to his crush Cindy (Michelle Williams).

In the clip above, he confides that he’d “always wanted” to play the instrument: “In what other job is it a part of your job to just sit behind a piano for three months and play?

It was really one of the most fulfilling preproduction periods I’ve ever had.” Gosling also worked extensively with choreographer Mandy Moore (not that one) to learn tap, ballroom, and jazz dancing.

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As hangdog jazz cat Sebastian, Gosling soft-shoes his way through a fantasy Los Angeles with down-on-her-luck actress Mia (Emma Stone), and as romance blossoms, their emotions tend to explode into euphoric production set pieces complete with all the classical trimmings.