Consequences of online dating

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Consequences of online dating

Existing literature on customer emotions devotes much attention to post-consumption emotions, which are feelings elicited towards actual external stimuli.

However, little is known about the concrete impact of consumers’ anticipatory emotions — the pre-factual, mentally stimulated emotions due to anticipation of possible outcomes — on consequent volition behaviours that are cognitive-driven where individuals are determined to act in a planned way.

In this study, I define personal stake as the extent to which aspects of people’s personal well-being are riding on a situation’s outcome.

Online daters are typically goal-directed and have to finish a fair amount of nominal user tasks (also known as NUTs) before starting to advertise their profiles on the site and starting interactions with other registered users.

Typical directive volitions (ie, what to do) are planning activities and selection of appropriate behaviours, while typical motivational volitions (ie, how to do it) are committing oneself to exerting the necessary effort to attain a personal goal.

illustrates the model of anticipatory emotions on volitions: a personal stake is the primary antecedent of emotions.

Anticipatory emotions arise when a person contemplates the possible consequences of achieving a goal or not and such appraisals of the consequences produce anticipatory emotional responses.

Anticipatory emotions can be further divided into positive and negative ones in terms of valence.

Crucial to anticipatory emotions are the personal stakes vested in an event.

In the same vein, in an online dating searching task, the success of finding a satisfactory dating candidate is a great personal stake such as self-esteem, a self-perceived subjective welfare and possible recognition from peers and family of one’s social competences (especially in a Chinese cultural context).

Salespersons spend a good deal of time thinking about their selling strategy, listing steps and formulating strategies for a given promotion (territory planning); they will also target specific accounts or have their priority accounts first in pushing sales (account-specific planning); lastly, salespersons also exert personal effort, usually with comparisons to other peer salespersons in assessing the time and intensity of effort put into a task.

Nevertheless, a highly emotional context like online dating has received relatively little attention.

This is an important issue because online dating customers’ emotions emerge during or even before the dating service encounter, whereas I would traditionally treat customer emotions as post-consumption emotions at the end of the service delivery.

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In this study, I integrate (hot and emotional) anticipatory emotions with (cold and cognitive-based) volition processes into a single research model.

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