1st year sobriety and no dating best online dating site france

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1st year sobriety and no dating

Though you're perfectly free to have your own experience, anyone who’s been through the ringer of drugs and alcohol should take time to nurture their recovery and put sobriety first. Here are 4 good reasons why you should wait to date when you're new in sobriety. So it’s important to take time to focus on your recovery and staying sober. It’s so easy to focus on someone else and their needs and getting in a relationship is a nice distraction. Your “picker” at this time may be broken when it comes to choosing a significant other.Years of addiction is taxing on your mind, body and spirit. It’s easy to end up in relationships that are emotionally draining or even toxic which is only a setup to relapse.The ups and downs of dating are tough and it's often a trial and error process.With that in mind, devote your first year to just being sober.AA does not suggest or recommend that any member place any aspect of their lives on hold for any predetermined amount of time or for any reason.

But that doesn’t mean you should never be social or avoid spending time with friends.

And second, if relationships end badly it can be all the more tempting to say “screw it” and start drinking.

This was my biggest battle in the first year of my sobriety.

However, giving the “steps” a chance can significantly impact your life for the better. You’ll discover how personal powerlessness sets you free and how to rely on your higher power.

The 12-steps lead you down a path of recovery that changes you from the inside out.

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Learn how to carry the message of recovery and become the “you” that you’ve always wanted to be. But “fixing” on sex and dating can be dangerous to your recovery.