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While the roads are good in Kuwait, the driving skills and level of respect for road rules may not match those from other countries.However if you do choose to hire a car, it's important you know what insurance is included and what isn't.International events and political developments (including elections) may also prompt demonstrations in Kuwait.You should take particular care in the areas of Jahra, Sulaibaya and areas near the border with Iraq.Wiley vehicle patterns and unconventional driving habits encourage tourists to opt out of renting a car in Kuwait.Hire a driver or get to know a good local taxi driver.Bikinis are fine at the hotel pool, but not on public beaches. Prison terms of up to seven years can be imposed for challenging the authority of the Emir or insulting him - whether by speech, writing, drawing or any other means of expression.Taking photographs of or near government buildings or other infrastructure, including oil fields, can lead to detention. Some expat-geared restaurants offer "special" tea, but unlike neighbouring states; Bahrain, Qatar and UAE, alcohol cannot be even served at hotels or by permit holders.

Medical facilities vary in terms of level of care including some facilities not allowing the admission of expatriates and so medical evacuation to another city which has the necessary care and facilities may be required.

There have been a few incidents of passengers being harassed while doing so.

Try to book a taxi in advance and use a reputable taxi company.

Within the past decade, several instances of sexual assault against foreign women in Kuwait City have been reported.

Some assaults have reported instigated by a person posing as a police officer.

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Kuwait is a Muslim country and while not as conservative as many of its Gulf neighbours, you should behave and dress in a respectful way.

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