Gamerscore not updating

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Gamerscore not updating

Sidequests are optional, mostly non-storyline objectives the player can undertake. Sidequests can range from something as small as an errand or finding an item, to something as big as traveling the world for various objectives or fighting superbosses.

Several sidequests involve getting powerful magic, summons, or equipment.

The act of coaxing a member from another clan or community, including a fellow member of XGN, for recruitment purposes is strictly prohibited.

NOTE: offerings and/or promises for membership participation is considered (Profit to stay) and is also strictly prohibited.

Many of these worlds and areas are occupied by former adventurers and pilgrims that believe they have found Paradise, the game's central objective.Do not leave a game with fellow members because you are losing or not playing well.This is considered “leaving a man behind” and includes, meetings, game nights, tournaments, and etc.4.) Poaching is not permitted.Most of these quests are standalone and only some form a series.All sidequests require a minimum level, and some also require specific classes (or just particular type of Discipline).

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There are many sidequests, some specific to jobs (e.g.