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Included in Metabo Scape 3.0 are workflows that support evaluating high-throughput, chromatography-free DI-MRMS or MALDI-MRMS data, enabling two powerful extreme mass resolution techniques that enable higher sample throughput for profiling complex metabolic extracts.

The speed and high throughput of these MRMS methods yields advantages for validating larger sample cohorts, and enabling larger-scale longitudinal studies." data-reactid="42" 3.0, which has powerful new features essential for discovery metabolomics, including support for direct-injection (DI) or MALDI Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS) for high-throughput phenomics translational research and validation.

Detailed proteoform characterization is of tremendous importance in cell biology and in clinical proteomics research, where traditional bottom-up proteomics analysis of digested proteins scrambles key biological information.

While the human genome only has about 25-30,000 coding sequences, or 'genes', for transcription and translation into protein families, the human body may have up to 1 billion different proteoforms expressed." data-reactid="64"Bruker's novel Proteoform Profiling™ 1.0 solution enables a powerful new life-science research and translational research workflow, i.e.

The Proteoform Profiling 1.0 workflow automates the use of Bruker's proprietary Dissect™ and SNAP™ algorithms, together with advanced molecular filtering functions, to generate a non-redundant list of monoisotopic masses, intensities and retention time from the isotopically resolved proteins.

MALDI Imaging solutions now integrate the industry-leading SCi LS mass-spec imaging software with the rapifle X high-throughput MALDI-TOF/TOF system, or the novel MALDI-Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS) extreme resolution system for drug and metabolite tissue imaging.

We are also show-casing our unique tims TOF research system, novel Metabolomics research and Phenomics translational research solutions, a breakthrough Proteoform Profiling solution, and a new robust, routine forensic Toxicology platform.

MRMS in combination with Metabo Scape will also enable other researchers to shed light onto this new and exciting research field of exploring the yet 'dark metabolome'." More…Proteoform Profiling™ 1.0 solution enables a powerful new life-science research and translational research workflow, i.e.

the systematic, large-scale, label-free study of all expressed proteoforms, including protein mutations, splice variants, post-translational modifications, as well as protein processing or degradation products.

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