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Dating arianne simulator

Finally, dare we suggest that it is not standards, incentives, or any other voluntary market policy that will drive social responsibility in SMES, but the personal values of the owner.ISO 26000, as a guidance standard, could well appeal to enlightened entrepreneurs, propelling renewed growth with far less discontent.This inherently implies additional costs that small organizations may find difficult to justify.

They will also require external expertise to interpret and implement ISO 26000 in a manner that is best suited to their business context.The study concludes that driven by the global and prestigious brand value attached to ISO standards, SMEs will look to ISO 26000 as a broad reference document which provides a comprehensive definition of social responsibility and a detailed description of all its contents.The draft standard represents an international consensus on how social responsibility, a concept that has been hotly debated for over 20 years, might be interpreted and applied across organizations of all types in both public and private sectors.Given their small size and lower profile in the market, SMEs tend to escape both the scrutiny of watchdogs and the assistance of governments and donors.But they are the first to be affected by the dynamics of globalization, including the prevailing economic downturn and ensuing fall in consumption.

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IISD is confident the standard presents a toughly negotiated position on how social responsibility could be interpreted and applied worldwide.

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