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He told me he hoped to get a doctorate in polymer science or chemical engineering. As she explained in her statement, “[My friend] knows I was with Kojo. She contacted the RAs on duty and reported that she had been sexually assaulted. gave her clothes to a police officer for evidence, although she said she was not ready to file charges.

At UMass he was a member of the National Society of Black Engineers. She probably told all the brothers in the room, and they’re gonna hate me when they find out”—she didn’t explain why. was a resident adviser in her dormitory—someone tasked with counseling other students—and at that moment, she wrote, “as my RA training kicked in, I realized I’d been sexually assaulted.” She wrote that while in retrospect she should have left if she didn’t want to continue the encounter, she hadn’t wanted to be a bad sport—“that UMass Student Culture dictates that when women become sexually involved with men they owe it to them to follow through.” She added, “I want to fully own my participation in what happened, but at the same time recognize that I felt violated and that I owe it to myself and others to hold him accountable for something I felt in my bones wasn’t right.”As she talked with her friend, R. The RAs called the campus police, who notified the Amherst police. Then she went to the hospital, where she was given a battery of medications for possible STDs.

He offered the university full access to his Facebook account and phone records.

According to the suit, the university declined the offer. But in a February 4 letter, Bonsu was told that because of the later allegation, a new set of interim restrictions was being put in place.

The student who received the email forwarded it to the group’s listserv, adding a note about spreading the news in order to organize a rally on Bonsu’s behalf.

This email got back to campus authorities, the lawsuit says, and because Bonsu had used R.

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He reached out to a student group that helps minority and other underrepresented college students, explaining in an email what had happened with R.

M., protesting his innocence, and describing his treatment as discriminatory and unlawful.

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