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Now, let’s ask those representatives of the religions: Wheeeeere does your, so called, ‘SPIRIT’ come into the scene in this sexually NATURAL process?! Isn’t; aren’t those TRANSFEDRRED cells PURELY just the living energy particles which are the main substances of the whole UNIVERSE?!

To clear the reader’s mind totally about this SPIRIT business, let’s proceed further and follow the upcoming activities of those victorious cells in the womb of the female: What will be happening in that FERTILITY region is; those live cells will be gathering support instinctively from the live cells of the female in that area…

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how your electric energy is generated by the circulating actions of a magnetic DYNAMO or Electric motor) and which GATHERS/forms up the universal existences by means of the FREQUENCY compatibility of the atomic molecules…

I remembered the gentle touch of girlish hips, and then tried to switch back to the job.

(Just think how your body evolves and grows EVENLY age by age with the help of FOOD and DRINK energy- in an un-noticeable perfection until you are grown up to the adulthood).

So the basic SUBSTANCE of the universal elements is the ever-present ENERGY which is generated by the VIBRATING actions of the Electron, Neutron and Proton elements (e.g.

*** I could not deny myself the pleasure and inhaled the scent of his hair, leaning over them.

I would accidentally hurt his chest, but it would be too much.

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