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The sub-Cambrian surface, including diverse metalliferous deposits, shows evidence of intense weathering of Precambrian rocks to form supergene-enriched ores and metalliferous placers, followed by widespread peneplanation.Much of the metal would have been flushed to the Cambrian ocean during peneplanation.“I think the goal of any documentary is to try to be true to the experience.We were juggling not only the making of and that crazy experience that had been documented but also doing a biography of both Andy and Jim and how this experience affected Jim going forward.“I'd talked to Jim about it for years [and] over time I was like, 'We should do something with that' and he'd go 'Yeah, we should' and then we’d never do anything.A couple of years ago, I asked him if I could see some of it - he sent me 30-40 minutes worth [NB: there is over 100 hours worth of footage] and in that alone, you could see what [the documentary] was going to become.” Carrey crucially agreed to provide candid context to his personal experience for the first time, something Jonze tasked British director Chris Smith with capturing over a vital two-day period. “[Jim is a] very articulate speaker and able to convey his thoughts in a way that a lot of people don’t.That was the real struggle but it wasn't something that was worrisome - it was a challenge we entered into.It was fun to live in that world for a year.” Smith continues: “It gave me a new appreciation for Jim's career and how progressive he was.

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Whenever possible, the advantages and weaknesses of each method were compared on coeval results obtained by both methods on the same mineral separates.

The comparative review examines stratigraphic dating of glauconites, indirect dating of low-temperature ore deposits, dating of burial-related illitization, and dating of polyphased tectono-thermal activity, more specifically of fault gouges.

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