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All in all, Cam2Cam is a film that really misses the mark on all fronts.There just isn’t much to recommend outside of the opening scene with Jade Tailor as Lucy and Sarah Bonrepaux’s performance as Marit.Well, it isn’t long before they run into Lucy’s hatchet wielding killer, played by Russell Geoffrey Banks.

The script is hampered by a lack of conviction and that in turn I believe hurts the actor’s performances.

There is a lack of sexuality in the film with the exception of Sarah Bonrepaux, who burns up the screen every minute she is on it.

This would be great if she was the star, but she is not. Another problem is for the slasher it wants to be, there is very little slashing and even less visual payoff.

All focus is lost and the film never really comes back together.

The biggest problem with the is that it straddles the middle without committing to any one genre.

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Our initial stalker/killer is so mean spirited that the film loses almost all entertainment.

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